Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Hyperfocal Distance

Explanation of hyperfocal distance created as a support of landscape photography tips article. In the article explained how to get sharp photos in landscape photographs by applying technical hyperfocal focus point Distance to put in the right position to get the focal plane that the broadest possible so it will be sharply distinguished from the front / foreground to the background. 

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Rule Of Third

What is the Rule Of Third

These lines are the lines that will help position the object or the horizon until the resulting image becomes more interesting and more proportional. Because the composition of the photos is one of the important components in addition to the exposure triangle or triangular exposure to convey the paper photos. The composition is also part of the "art" photography. Like the other art then this section there is a rule, but the existing/in the end composition graded from beautiful/interesting or whether a photo.

POI (Point Of Interest)

What is the Point Of Interest ???

In a sense, POI or Points Of Interest in photography is the main point of focus/in a photograph in which the point that became the core stories of the picture. So here's the thing, when we look at the work of the first photo, eyes stopped at one point or first time eyes fixed, stopped, and then navigate to the quarantine area of the photo, that's a point called POI.

Basics of Photography

Camera Diagram

The word "photography" comes from the French State but is based on the word Greece and literally meaning "drawing with light". So the art in photography is essentially the art of seeing and balancing the light.